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Fido's Home Pet Inn & Spa is a Eco-Friendly, Pet grooming, Pet boarding & Pet day camp, services clients in the Katy area. Leave worry out of the equation by working with a true professional.

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Areas Of Service

Meeting All of Your Needs

Fidos Home Pet Inn & Spa is your local Katy area Pet services. Fido's Home have been providing community members with incredible service for quite some time now, and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Our clients love working with us and many of them return as repeat customers. Get in touch and let us know what we can do for you today.

Sleeping Dogs

Dog Hotel


When you can’t be with your canine companion, we can.  Whether you’re on the road, off to the Caribbean, working way too late, or going to visit the family…we’re here to take care of your furry baby. Your pooch will love to stay at Fido's Home. Our team of pet-owning and pet-loving caregivers are here to treat your pets like family. We give them the expert care and attention they require and deserve.

Health Requirements:

Dogs must be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, Lepto, k-9-Influenza H3N8, and H3N2. Should have a negative fecal test confirmation every year. Dogs are required to be spayed or neutered. They should also be on monthly heartworm and flea prevention.

We offer the following boarding options at Fido's Home: 

1. Slumber party: The dogs remain in their regular playroom among their furry friends and get to choose from several different dog beds and/or blankets to sleep on. Here the dogs are not kenneled or crated during sleepovers. Rather, a pet pal spends the night with the dogs for 24/7 supervision so that they do not need to be individually separated. We offer both short-term and long-term sleepover stays.

2. Private Suites:  Relaxing time Condos, Suite, and Deluxe Room: We have private condos for our small and medium-sized furry guests and private suites for our large-sized furry guests. We also have 2 deluxe rooms where they can stay alone or share with other social guests.



  • We recommend that your dog arrives in the morning. Although arrival times are not restricted, your dog will benefit most from having a full day of play before staying overnight. Allow yourself ample time to fill out the proper paperwork.

  • Please have all instructions clearly written. It is always helpful to us to know your dog's daily habits including feeding, sleeping, bathroom, and any medications.

  • Make the check-in time a happy time. Pets can often sense our anxieties and will equate check-in as a negative action rather than a positive fun time.

  • Please provide your own food as long as each meal serving size is prepared in a large baggie with your pet's name on it for the entire length of the stay. Try not to feed your pet a meal prior to check-in. Pack the treats and allow us to give them to your pet when your pet is settled and comfortable.

  • Please have your items clearly marked with your dog's name and your last name.

  • You may bring your favorite bed or blanket. Please do not bring toys or bowls. Please don't bring something they may shred or can swallow.

  • You may want to schedule a possible play session (daycare) to better acquaint your pet in advance of his/her initial stay.


After picking up your pet, please, DO NOT offer food or water right away. Most pets are very excited to return home and will gulp water or engulf food. This could trigger a digestive upset…diarrhea or vomiting. If the pet appears thirsty, offer a few ice cubes in a bowl.

Contact us with any questions about your pet’s stay, we will be happy to let you know in detail how the pet adjusted. We are here to provide the most enjoyable stay for your fur baby.

We look forward to his/her visit with us.

Daycare charges are included in rates.

Private Time (Per Day/Night):

Deluxe Room   - 60 (Single Occupany)

(10' x 12')        - 50 (shared with one other social dog - 15%+ discount)

                              - 45 (shared with two or three social dogs - 25% discount)   

Suites              - 50 (Single Occupany)

(6' x 6')            - 45 (shared with one other dog - 10% discount)

Condos           - 45 (Single Occupany)

(3.5' x 3.5')         


Slumber Party (Per Night):

Cage Free       - 45

Additional Discount:

10% discount on stays over 10 days

15% discount on stays over 20 days

20% discount on stays over 30 days

Pickup and Drop off detail:

Weekdays: All pooches must be picked up before 12:00 pm. A late pickup charge of $35.00 will be added for any pooch picked up between 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm. Fidos that are not picked up after 6:30 pm will be boarded onsite for an additional fee. 

Weekends: All pooches must be picked up before 12:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. A late pickup charge of $35.00 will be added for any pooch picked up between 12:00 pm – 5.00 pm on Saturdays.  Fidos that are not picked up by 5:00 pm on Saturday will be boarded onsite for an additional fee. Sunday pick up before 12 noon (Sunday pick up and drop off only between 8 am to 12 noon with appointment only. Please call 832-928-9900 for pick up and drop off 1 hour prior to your arrival) After 12 noon Dog will be boarded on regular boarding rate and pick up following day before 12 noon.

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Pet Grooming

Attention to Detail

Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price too! As a professional Pet Groomer, We bring years experience and know-how with every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.

Bring your pet to Fido's Spa for a relaxing cat and dog grooming services. Our professional staff is experienced in all cat and dog breeds.

Our cat and dog grooming specialists will effectively clean and groom your pet and never use tranquilizers. We take the time needed to make sure your best friend is comfortable during the entire treatment and enjoys a relaxing experience.

Our competitive rates are based on the breed and condition of your pet’s coat. Express service is available upon request and availability. Grooming services can be made by an appointment, or added to any boarding or daycare package.



First time clients receive $5 off! Please mention this offer when checking out. 

Refer a friend, and receive $5 off your dog's next grooming!



  • Organic flea and tick bathing.

  • Furminator deshedding and dandruff control.

  • Fur trim to your specifications.

  • Toenail clipping.

  • Ear cleaning.

  • Therapeutic hot oil treatments.

  • Teeth brushing.

  • Anal gland secretion.

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Pet Day Camp

Always Prepared

Working long hours and want to come home to a happy, relaxed dog? Many pet parents worry that their dog is bored, damaging belongings or furnishings while they are at work or that they aren’t getting enough exercise. It’s not easy to provide dogs the kind of exercise and attention they require each day. And, it’s not always easy to find a place that you can trust.

While spending the day at Fido's Home, your fur baby will have ample opportunities to socialize with other pooches, in a safe cage free environment monitored by our trained staff. When you pick up your dog after a day of doggie daycare, you’ll find your companion to be calm, content, and ready to relax with you. You don't have to feel guilty that they are at home lying on the couch, staring at the walls.

Whether you need half day or full day, we have a package to fit your needs. Our team of responsible and caring individuals will ensure your dog is treated like the family they are because we love them like our own.

What's not to love?

Your pet's home away from home

Interact with other pooches

Enjoy important mental and physical stimulation for proper health and wellness

Help curb behavioral problems such as chewing, digging, and jumping

Playrooms are always staffed by our well trained and experienced Pet Care Technicians

Our Pet Care Techs form strong bonds with our guests, we know their best friends, what food they like, whether they are more reserved or the life of the party.

We will inform you right away if there is a medical issue or if your pooch just isn’t himself that day.

Daycare Hours:


Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:30 PM

​(Late Pick-up available until 7 pm)


Monday - Saturday: 7AM - 12PM

Assessment Tests:

A safe play environment is so important to us. This is why we take enrollment seriously and require all new clients to pass a health and behavior assessment test. Our tests consist of Q & A time with you and one of our Managers. Then we'll take your pooch back to the playgroup and slowly introduce them to the other pooches. Our entire process of paperwork, screening, and enrollment takes approximately 30-45 minutes and your pooch will need to stay a minimum of 1 hour. Assessment tests can be scheduled Monday – Friday at 11 am or 5 pm and Saturdays at 11 am. Assessments are free.

Health Requirements:

Dogs must be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, Lepto, k-9-Influenza H3N8, and H3N2. Should have a negative fecal test confirmation every year. Dogs are required to be spayed or neutered. They should also be on monthly heartworm and flea prevention.

Bacteria and parasites can be passed easily from dog to dog, so only healthy dogs should attend daycare.  If your pet is showing any symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, warts, eye discharge, or rashes, please leave them home while they are contagious or until your veterinarian has approved your dog's return to daycare. 

Per day visit:

$30 for full-day - 10 hrs - All inclusive

(Included when boarding)

$25 for half-day - 5 hrs - All inclusive

(Unlimited playtime, Unlimited potty time, Unlimited cuddles, Feeding per Owner's guidelines, All-natural frozen or baked treat, Naptime, Administering Medicines) 

10% discount offered towards 2 or more fidos from the same family

VIP Membership:


Frequency   Discount   Regular   Discounted  Savings

                                          Price           Price

10 days                     10%             300               270               27

15 days                  15%              450               382                68

20 days                 20%             600               480              120

Monthly               50% +          900               450              450

Half Day:

Frequency   Discount   Regular   Discounted  Savings

                                           Price           Price

10 days                10%              150                 135              15

15 days                15%              225                 191              34

20 days               20%             300                 240             60

Monthly             50%+           450                200            250

Memberships auto-renew monthly and are non-refundable.

Cancel at any time before next billing cycle.

Late Pick Up:

All pooches must be picked up before 7:00 pm. A late pickup charge of $15.00 for any pooch picked up between 7:00pm – 7:30pm, or $25.00 after 7:30pm will automatically be added to your bill. Fidos not picked up by 8:00pm will be boarded onsite for an additional fee of $40.00. 

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Whatever the job, I’ve got you covered. Contact me now.

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Looking for a quality Pet services you can depend on? Well, look no further. Fidos Home Pet Inn & Spa, available when you need us. Since 2015, We have  been committed to being the best at what we do, serving clients in the Katy/Richmond and Houston area by not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them.

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6840 S Mason Rd, 100, Katy, TX 77450, USA



(832) 730-7366

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Opening Hours


Regular Hours:

Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:30 PM

​(Late Pick-up available until 8 pm with an additional fee of $35)

Saturday: 8AM - 5PM

Sunday: 8AM - 12PM

(Sunday only Boarding dogs pick up and drop off between 8 AM -12 PM)

Extended Open Play Hours:

Friday - Saturday: 5PM - 9PM

(Open play hour charges

Sunday and Holidays:

Drop and Pickup Only


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